Residential Snow Removal

Residential snow removal.

We use follosoft snow removal management software system, which allows us to see all our tractors in operation in real time. With this system we can automatically contact clients before we do a final cleaning so they can remove their cars without wasting extra time.




Proud winner of the Laval Consumers Choice Award 2021, and a thank you letter from our Federal MP.

5cm Accumulation

Our trucks pass to remove snow starting at 5cm accumulation.

Teflon Shovels

Our tractors also have teflon on all our shovels and blowers which is the best protection for client’s pavements.

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High Quality Standards

Not only do we repair our trucks on a regular schedule, but we replace our trucks every 5 years to ensure we have no delays in our activities for our clients.

Canadian Winter

Winters in this country are not easy, so let us give you some peace of mind and remove some stress from your everyday.

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